Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE!

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It's BIGBANG fever all over the world as BIGBANG's TOP, G-Dragon, Daesung, Seungri, and Taeyang takes their show to the world and bringing VIPs to their own Galaxy with BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012! And it's coming to Manila this October!

Debuted in 2006, the 5 member group rode the Korean wave and made waves not only locally but internationally, gaining so much momentum in the Kpop industry with their hit songs. Aside from their music, one thing that makes BIGBANG stand out among the other Kpop groups is their sense of fashion on & off the stage which all adds to BIGBANG's unique presence in the Kpop industry. Their style mostly involves wild colored outfits and hairstyles which also shows in the concepts of their MV's or Music Videos.

One of BIGBANG's promotional photo showing their individual sense of style
Speaking of colors, we wonder what colors can describe each individual BIGBANG members personalities. But don't fret, I already did the complicated stuff for you by making a list below and because BIGBANG GALAXY ALIVE TOUR wouldn't be possible without Samsung Galaxy, we'll be comparing each members individual colors to different Samsung Galaxy SIII colors. Neat-O!

Lets start with TOP or Choi Seung Hyun in real life. TOP unlike other BIGBANG members is a very quiet looking guy with a deep voice that makes VIPs scream like crazy from his first word up to his last. A fiery rapper of BIGBANG who loves wearing sophisticated suits and likes the colors Pink or Red! A perfect red Samsung Galaxy SIII would fit him well, and luckily Samsung has one - The Samsung Galaxy SIII Garnet Red!

The wild guy that He is, G-Dragon is one ball of neon colors bursting everywhere he goes, it really is a party when G-Dragon is around. Aside from Green, he actually loves every other color you can think of, and this really describes his charm as he can rap as fierce as red but can also belt slow songs like the pro that he is. And because G-Dragon is always surrounded by colors, a nice dark colored phone would go well with his outrageous fashion, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Amber Brown would go well with whatever he wears.

Taeyang, the smooth R&B voice of BIGBANG really loves dancing and giving it all out on the stage. His funky moves matched with his smooth voice really goes well together. A calm voice with a beastly body that really make every VIP scream for his moves. A nice phone in color blue will definitely match Taeyang's smooth and cool voice, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Pebble Blue is the right colored Galaxy SIII for him.

Daesung plays one of the main vocals of BIGBANG, He gives the soul to their music with his high and powerful voice. Daesung is often seen as the one with the naughty but innocent looking guy in the group, but is one of the most powerful vocal part of BIGBANG. Like the soul to a music, a white phone would go great with good guy Daesung, the Samsung Galaxy SIII Marble White is the perfect phone for him.

Last on the list is Seungri, most VIPs call him panda because of his innocent panda look. Seungri also boasts a powerful vocal that can blow us away, but he is also known to be a quirky guy that really translates into one big ball of energy on & off stage. He is like a half serious guy and half playful guy, something that makes him unique. A neutral colored phone would be great for Seungri like the Samsung Galaxy SIII Titanium Grey.

Now, mix them all up and you come out with a hands down great group that's ready to conquer the world with their great music, fashion, and rockin' music videos that really describes the emotion of their music. 

Bigbang is coming to Manila this October and Samsung Galaxy is giving YOU a chance to get the ultimate access to the BIGBANG concert! Click the link below to see the mechanics!

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