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Thursday, October 11, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 4 Comments

Filipino's really love getting the best deal out of everything, from our local market where we haggle or 'tawad', up to malls where we wait for the latest mall wide sales just to get the best deal on the things we want, even if it means bracing the thick influx of people. 

And who wouldn't want to save some pesos from our hard earned cash! I have to admit, I myself is a self confessed sale junkie, I always wait for upcoming sales and even coupon promos just to save some money. There was actually a time when I have a separate wallet just for those discount coupons and reward stamp cards which I always bring around with my wallet.

I really thank the technology we have right now, it makes everyday life much more convenient - yes, even saving while buying from establishments is now digital! I recently encountered a new technology that can help us Pinoys to save while earning perks, best thing about this is that all you need is a smart phone! Let me introduce you to PerxClub.

Perxclub is a digital rewards program of premier brands inside one mobile application, it includes perks and freebies from partner merchants. This mobile app can be downloaded in the App Store for Apple mobile devices and for Android devices via Google Play Store, best of all it is FREE! Registering is also as easy as pie, after downloading the app, you can just link it to your Facebook account or if you prefer the long way, create an account manually.

So how does it actually work? After registering, you will be directed to a list of partner merchants, you can also see their promos and discount offers when you use the Perxclub app. Once you have chosen your desired merchant and promo, you can just go directly to the branch of the partner merchant and buy to earn digital Perxstamp, one Perxstamp is equivalent to 200pesos in a single receipt. Once you complete the stamps, you'll get the reward!

Buy and complete those Perxstamps to get the reward!
I'm starting to love Perxclub and I loved the app even more when I saw the partner merchants list which ranges from Clothing & apparel shops, Drink & dessert shops, Spa's & Derma, and my favorite Restaurants! Here are the list of partner merchants, expect this list to grow in the coming months!

This app does more than what our old school privilege stamp cards do, you can actually check out the nearest merchants in the your area for more convenience in your Perxclub adventures, as well as earn medals for special tasks! There are also cool specials of the month from partner merchants and Play for prize feature which lets you play to win more prizes after getting your first stamp.

Overall, I really think this is a great way to really keep your rewards safe, I really hate it when I lose my rewards stamp cards from different establishments. Now, I don't have to worry about bulky wallets, or losing and forgetting my rewards card, because I can have it all in my mobile device with Perxclub!

Now, are you ready to Perk up your retail life?
Download Perxclub now to your mobile device and together we can save & get rewarded! 

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  1. Wow. This is really handy. I like collecting discount coupons too but
    bringing all em with you all the time is sometimes troubling. I'll give
    this app a try :) 

  2. Love this app. Really. 

  3. What's your favorite Perxclub merchant Markova? :)


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