Blogger pageviews back to zero

Monday, October 15, 2012 Alexis Mendoza 2 Comments

If you're a blogger user like me and noticed a sudden reset of your page views on your dashboard,
then don't panic (well, you can just a little) because you're not alone!

Today, as I was doing my normal routine online, one of my blogger friends posted a status on Facebook about a sudden reset of his blogs pageviews. I immediately checked my blogger dashboard and to my surprise, my pageviews is back to zero as well!

I did a little research and found out that it's not only us who is experiencing this problem, I found found this thread on the Google Products forum about reports of the missing pageviews. If your blog is also affected by this 'bug', join the Google thread and comment your blog URL. For now, lets just hope blogger can restore the missing pageviews very soon.


It seems blogger has started restoring the pageviews because of the bug. Just monitor your blog statistics within the day. Mine has already been restored to its original pageviews count. ;)


  1. it seems its happening worldwide right now. I hope it gets restored. :(


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