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Saturday, May 04, 2013 Alexis Mendoza 1 Comments

I'm officially 'four-eyed' and I'm glad I found the perfect place to get my first pair of specs. It was just last month during a meeting in Makati when I experienced again the weird experience i'm having with my vision, it's where the people I am talking to looks like they're zooming in and out from my face -- I know, it's trippy and no I'm not drunk. After that day, I decided to finally have my eyes checked, I searched the internet for the nearest eye clinics in my area and found one Facebook page with a clinic located at the SM City North EDSA.

Located at the 3rd floor of SM City North EDSA's City Center (Main Mall) is where you'll find the Eye Lounge. Upon entering their store, we were immediately greeted by their friendly staff and since it was my first time to have my eyes checked again after a while, I asked some questions about the prices and was assisted immediately to a table.

I was later greeted by the beautiful Dr. Andrea who assisted me on my first pair of glasses, I was actually shocked to find out that I can't event see the biggest letter of the eye chart. (PS: I forgot to ask what the grades of my glasses are. haha! I'll just update this part once I get the info from the Eye Lounge.)

After the examination, they let me choose my frame and we went on our way and was advised to return after an hour. My new pair of glasses greeted me when I returned after an hour, it looks gorgeous and comes with a free hard case and cleaning cloths.

Aside from prescription glasses, the Eye Lounge also offers sun glasses, ready to wear graded glasses, as well as very nice frames for prescription glasses, they actually post their newest arrivals on their Facebook and Instagram account, go check it out. 

Me, my new glasses, and my big forehead. lol
I find their glasses very affordable, I got mine for just around P1500+ which is cheaper compared to other optical stores, it also depends on the frame you choose for your glasses. The nice Doctor also showed me how to properly wear, use, and clean my glasses to make it last long. I'm definitely coming back soon for my mom's eye check up!

Make sure to check the Eye Lounge online for latest updates connect to them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also send in your inquiries via their Facebook page and they'll reply to you promptly. ;)

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  1. There are many optical shop in the Philippines and they sell their products in different prices. But if you want to be practical, you will choose the affordable or the cheapest. Based on my experience, I go to the branded eyeglasses because of its quality and also if you want to have it in a long time period.


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