Krispy Kreme's Delectable Speculoos Cookie Butter Doughnuts

Saturday, June 29, 2013 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

It was just recently when the Speculoos Cookie Butter craze hit the country and I have no idea how it happened. Just like the other trending food and drinks in country from the past few months (see: Milk tea craze, Ramen craze), the cookie butter craze has been a hot topic among the foodies in the metro. 

Since these Cookie Butter spreads are not locally available in the country, people opt to buy from sellers who imports them directly from the US. I was able to grab hold of a bottle a month ago from my mom's friend and I immediately know why Pinoys fell in love with the taste, like I always tell people -- It's like Christmas in a bottle!

I recently found out that Krispy Kreme is offering a new kind of doughnut from their list of already delicious doughnuts and to my surprise, it's Speculoos Cookie Butter flavor! We marched to the nearest Krispy Kreme branch and got a box to try with my family.

Krispy Kreme's Speculoos Cookie Butter doughnuts comes in two variants - Dark chocolate vanilla cookie butter and white chocolate vanilla cookie butter. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical trying these doughnuts out because by the looks of it, it'll be too darn sweet for me, but I was wrong.

I first tried the Dark chocolate vanilla, I fist enjoy getting the little French biscuit flakes on top, I can't put my finger on it but it tastes really familiar to me. The Dark chocolate vanilla flavor is really not that sweet and I love the speculoos cookie butter filling inside, just the right sweetness to compliment the chocolate.

Second was the White chocolate vanilla cookie butter, it has Belgian chocolate chips and caramel crunch pieces on top that give this doughnut a certain sweet crunch with every bite. My mom is the one who loves this one so much because of the creamy mix of the white vanilla chocolate and the cookie butter filling.

Make sure to grab your own box of these amazing treats fast  from your nearest Krispy Kreme branch because we're really not sure when these delicious stuff will stop churning out from Krispy Kreme's wonderful kitchen.

Oh, if you're wondering if the filling really tastes like Speculoos Cookie Butter, let's just say it tastes like Christmas in a doughnut and they are 'the bomb' ;) I'll leave you now and enjoy the last few pieces of these doughnuts before my brother sneaks in and finish them all.

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