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Pinoys really love food, it shows on how much we crave for latest food trends locally and abroad. Recently, a new crazy hit the Big Apple -- New York which made headlines on different news channels, magazines, and news papers. I'm talking about the elusive Cronut by Chef Dominque Ansel.

If you're familiar with Cronuts, it's a dougnut made from layers of those delicious flaky croissant, then deep fried, rolled in sugar, and finally topped with (originally) Tahitian Vanilla Cream. Different variations already popped out after the original recipe. The name is technically a play of words of Croissant and Dougnuts -- Cronuts.

Recently, one by one, local stores offer their version of this deep fried sweet treat to satisfy the Pinoys who can't afford to book a ticket to Manhattan just to try the original one, one of them is from Anybody Coffee.

I recently found out that the nearby Anybody Coffee at Trinoma Mall is already selling their version of Cronuts, which they named 'Cronutz' maybe because of the trademark the original bakery in Manhattan made for this creation.

I dropped by to try it and I arrive with no cronutz on their display case, the staff immediately informed me that the batch for the day is on their way and I can comeback after half an hour to get it. After a quick shopping trip to the nearby grocery, I returned and finally able to grab a couple of their talked about Cronutz.

Photo by Anybody Coffee
There are a few variants to choose from, but I decided to grab their Dark Chocolate Cronutz and While Chocolate Cronutz, both priced at 95php. I decided to make ask it for to-go as I need to catch up on some other tasks that day.

Flaky like croissant, and sweet like doughnuts, this is my initial reaction upon tasting these delicious treats, no wonder why people in the US are going nuts about these marriage of two delicious foods in one. I find it a little sweet but that's just me because my brother enjoyed munching them, I personally like the Dark Chocolate variant as I didn't find it too sweet compared to the White Chocolate one.

Yes, I eat a little messy. LOL
Overall, my first Cronut experience is good. Let me know about your own Cronuts in the Philippines experience on the comments section below, or comment your favorite Cronuts place in Manila!

If you want to try Anybody Coffee's Cronutz yourself, head on down to the 2nd level of Trinoma Mall. I recommend you to drop by in the afternoon as their Cronutz arrive to their store around that time. ;)

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