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The Purge: Anarchy was recently released following up their 2013 hit movie The Purge. Still set in the near future - 2023, The Purge Anarchy deviates away from the first movie and features a whole new set of cast and location while still the showing the 'new' America lead by the new founding fathers.

If you still haven't seen the first film, it's time you do before watching the sequel. But, even if you didn't watch the first film, you wouldn't be confused with the story since this is a whole new story with the same setting - more of like a look at what is happening in other places during the purge commencement.
Basically, the Purge revolves around the foundation of the new America lead by the founding fathers, an America with high employment rates and almost zero poverty. The annual sanctioned purge happens for 12 hours where all crimes including murder are legal and every emergency assistance like police, fire & hospitals are not available. This is a way for the people to 'release the beast' once a year and clean out the country of less privileged people. After the 12 hours, everything goes back to normal... until the next purge.

The Purge: Anarchy is fantastically done because of the new location and the complexity of the story compared to the first film which just revolves around a single family making it through the Purge night in one piece. The dark and gritty streets of downtown makes a better location to showcase what is happening during the annual purge and how people on the streets try to make it through the night alive. This is really a better view of the annual Purge.

This sequel beautifully shows people from the different walks of life facing the annual purge, a look at why some people participate in the annual purge and why some doesn't. The movie also shows how even though the government pushes that the country is now equal, there are still differences & conflict between the normal citizens and how the wealthy do their own purge.

One of the notable element in the Anarchy is the presence of the anti-government people trying to open up the brain-washed mind of the citizens to this gruesome tradition set by the government. The movie also shows how the government controls the influence by taking their own share of the killings during the annual purge without anyone knowing.

Overall, The Purge: Anarchy delivers a better punch that the first film. A third movie needs to be in order, or maybe a prequel to show how the new America was established and how the annual purge started. After the two films, there are still questions that needs be answered. rates The Purge: Anarchy:  (4/5 Stars)

Check out the official theatrical trailer of The Purge: Anarchy below

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