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Pinoys are really fond of shopping online, just check out the online shops sprouting left and right over the past few years aiming to take a bite of that new market. Most online shopping sites focus on food and home products, so I'm excited when I discovered BeautyMNL!

In case you don't know, BeautyMNL is a website with two parts, one is a magazine type page where you see beauty and health articles which mainly focuses on ladies. While their shop let's you grab the things they mentioned in their articles with just a few clicks.

I know what you're thinking gents, how about us? Well, don't worry because they also offer a few products specifically for men while most of their products can also be used by dudes like us, you can also score awesome gift ideas for your girlfriend that will certainly make her one happy girl.

First Time Buying at BeautyMNL

Of course, I didn't pass up the opportunity to try BeautyMNL when they got in touch and invited me to do a test run of their site and service. Everything in this review are of course, what I experienced when I tried to buying at their shop for the first time.

Signing Up

Signing up is quite a breeze, you'll just have to provide basic detail such as email address, full name, gender, and a few questions about your skin type and features.

Although, note for gents that the choices are aimed for ladies like for the 'features' field, your options are still Chinita, Mestiza, and Morena even if you put your gender as male. These are required to be answered so I just answered Chinita on that field even though I'm Chinito just so I could continue the sign-up hehe.

After signing-up, I logged on to my account and started look through the products available on the site. The interface is definitely user-friendly and categorized properly so you can easily find the item you are looking for, you can even see the brands list so you can check if your favorite brand is included.

Purchasing and Check-Out

Purchasing is really simple, you just check the products and add it to your cart. Once done, just check-out and choose your payment option for your orders.

I was surprised to see some freebies in my cart when I started adding the items I was going to order. I found out that they do this for all orders. Yay Freebies! Also, they have awesome Korean brands available such as DeweyTreeInnisfree, COSRX, Skinfood, and Tony Moly.

Upon check-out, you'll be asked for your shipping details, so make sure to fill-out the details correctly so you can receive your orders faster.

After that comes the payment step, I was happy to see that they have different payment methods which is perfect for everyone who loves online shopping. Their payment methods are Paypal (which is my favorite way to pay, btw), Credit Card, Online Bank Transfers, Over-the-Counter Bank Deposit, and even Cash-On-Delivery (COD) for Metro Manila orders below 5,000php.

Once you're done, you'll have a chance to look at your orders and wait for it to arrive. For Metro Manila orders it takes just 24 hours before it gets delivered, but when you order or Friday or weekends it gets delivered to the nearest weekday which is Monday. As for provincial orders, it takes 3-5 working days to get delivered, depending on where you are.

Delivery and Shopping Haul

I ordered on a Friday evening around 10pm -- don't judge my online shopping habit haha I tend to shop online around in the evening until early morning for some reason. September 5th, Monday when I received an email informing me that my orders has been shipped. A couple of hours later, the delivery guy is already at my door with my orders!

The package came in this really nice BeautyMNL branded resealable plastic pouch. I love how they used a resealable pouch instead of the normal plastic bags that online shops usually use - you know, the ones where you need to tear it open and throw in the trash, not really good for the environment. So +1 to BeautyMNL for that!

As for my orders, I got an assortment of stuff not only for me but also for my loved ones. Here's the complete list of what I've got, you can click each link to get them at BeautyMNL.

I also got a few freebies which you can also get with every purchase at BeautyMNL! (F) Pond's BB Cream Sample 25g and (G) TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo & Conditioner Sample. Remember, that freebies vary and has limited quantity only.

BeautyMNL Shopping Verdict

Overall, I love my first time shopping experience with BeautyMNL and already planning my next purchase from them. Aside from the wide range of beauty and skin care products, they also have accessories and storage products.

One of the suggestions that I would to love see soon on BeautyMNL is a wishlist or save item feature so you can have a private list of the things you love on the site so you can just easily access your list when you're ready to buy them. Also, more items for guys please, more items to make us more gwapo.

Ready to give BeautyMNL a try? Visit now
and let me know in the comments below how's your first time shopping experience with them go. :)

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