Insane Deals at the Digital Walker Christmas Comes Early Sale!

Saturday, October 01, 2016 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

The 'ber months are here and when Pinoys celebrate Christmas it's almost synonymous to sale! Speaking of sale, Digital Walker recently announced their #DWChristmasComesEarly sale and I just knew I need to be there for my early holiday shopping.

Early Friday morning, I found myself inside SM Megamall before stores even opened together with a few early birds who came for one thing -- to get first dibs at the great deals that Digital Walker has prepared for early Christmas shoppers like myself. 

As expected with any sale, lines went insanely long as the mall opened at 10am that it already reached the ground floor of the mall! Luckily, I was on the 10th spot in front of the line and was giddy for the doors to open at 12 noon!

We came in by batch, whenever someone goes out they let people in. I love the event organizers here because the system is actually better as to not crowd the products area too much in one go.

As soon as we went in, I immediately grabbed a shopping bag and checked the items on sale. The place is divided into different areas depending on how the big the discount it, the left most part is for the items with 90% off, then 70%, 50%, and 30% off.

Prices on items are not yet the discounted price so you need to bring out your calculator to compute how much the price is after the discount - you can also ask the staff for assistance about pricing.

Camera enthusiasts and travelers had a grand time choosing their new Crumpler Bags which are all 90% off as well. Really sorry for the blurry photos as we are hurrying up to get what we wanted hehe.

We also spotted Marshall Major and Minors on sale at the 30% off, too bad they were still waiting for the restock of the black & gold Major while we're there (and restocked when we're already at the cashier), I'd totally grab that right away.

Check out took a little time even though there are like 15 cashiers, once we got closer to the cashier we realized they are manually doing the receipts ala-CDR King style, not sure what's up with that but it made us wait for almost an hour in line.

Shopping Haul: We saved 9,245php today!

Here's my favorite part when I go shopping, looking through the stuff I bought and finding out how much I saved if I got them in regular price! 

Here's a quick look at my shopping haul which consists of mostly red items for some reason - this was not intended but I had good laugh when I got home and saw it.

  • Quirky Dock - 215 from 2150
  • Crumpler Camera Strap - 100 from 1050
  • Native Union Case - 100 from 1800
  • Incipio Case - 100 from 1295
  • Urbanears Medis Plus - 885 from 2950
  • Speck iPad Mini Flip - 200 from 1600

Overall, my total is 1600 but when you check out the original prices, I actually saved 9,245 today which feels so awesome because I have these new items at the fraction of the price!

Feeling itchy to shop? Well you're in luck because the Digital Walker Christmas Comes Early Sale is still on until October 2, 2016 at the SM Megamall - Megatrade Hall 3. Make sure to come really early as lines tend to get really long fast. Happy Shopping! :)

Disclosure: This blog post is no way sponsored by Digital Walker - yes, I fell in line like all of you too. :P

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