Experience Taiwan’s Best Brands at Market! Market! from October 21 to 23!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 Alexis Mendoza 0 Comments

Got nothing to do this weekend? Then why not head to Market! Market! this weekend for the 4th Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone. Experience Taiwan's best brands from October 21st to 23rd at the Market! Market! Activity Center!

Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone is led by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, under the Taiwanese government. It is an interactive product showcase featuring innovative, reliable, and durable brands that bear the Taiwan Excellence seal - a seal that assures consumers of the product' superior quality.

So what can you expect during the event? Expect to see over 150 products from 55 Taiwan Excellence-accredited brands ranging from tech, household goods, and sports & leisure. There are definitely products here for everybody!

And because this is an experience event, visitors can try various fitness equipment perfect for home use such as Ucheer's Kinetic Enegy Dumbbell and Victory's 5kg Bumper Play. For those who want to have a secured home, consumers can explore GKB Atherlink and learn how they can upgrade their home security.

There will also be booth tours and brand presentations to educate consumers on how the featured products can complement their lifestyle. Selling booths from brands such as Asus, FECA, MSI, Tatung, Thermaltake, and Transcend will be available, while generous discounts will be given Asus, Kymco, MSI, Sakura, Tatung, Tern, Thermaltake, and Transcend.

Aside from the brands, there will be performances, fashion shows, games, and raffle draws to keep shoppers entertained throughout the event. Some of the performances include Hot Spot (October 21), Julie Ann San Jose (October 22), and Erik Santos (October 23).

Know more about these latest gadgets, home appliances, fitness gear, and many other treats from Taiwan Excellence-approved brands and head to Market! Market! on October 21 to 23.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored a sponsored posts for Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone at Market! Market!

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