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Monday, August 07, 2017 Alexis Mendoza 2 Comments

My most popular blog posts here at AlexBam in 3D are my review posts and that’s no wonder because it’s already 2017 where we tend to search for reviews online first before diving into a new service or product. 

One of my most read post is my review of and to continue what I started last 2015 (click here to read) and 2016 (click here to read), now here is my 2017 review of Shipping Cart!

When Shipping Cart started out a few years ago, they were fairly new and the first & the second time I tried them I experienced a few minor hiccups but overall good, last 2016’s experience wasn’t as smooth as the first two as I experienced delays because of their system upgrade. This year, I gave Shipping Cart a try again to see if their ‘system improvements’ really improved the way they handle shipments.

The Packages and Surprising Change!

As always, I list down the packages involved in this review and how long before they showed up in my Shipping Cart account. Below are the items, date they were delivered, and date when they showed up in my account.

Funko Dorbz Ridez Collector Corps Star-Lord with the Milano
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: June 12, 2017
Date showed up in Shipping Cart Account: June 12, 2017

Leather Bag
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: June 14, 2017
Date showed up in Shipping Cart Account: June 15, 2017

Funko Home Star-Lord Collector Corps Mug
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: June 19, 2017
Date showed up in Shipping Cart Account: June 19, 2017

Funko Pop Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Star Lord
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: July 6, 2017
Date showed up in Shipping Cart Account: July 7, 2017

Funko Pop Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - Ego
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: July 8, 2017
Date showed up in Shipping Cart Account: July 9, 2017

Notice something surprising with the items above? No, not that majority of the items are Guardians of the Galaxy related products, it’s that all of them showed up in my cart within 24 hours after getting delivered in their warehouse and I was actually surprised plus at the same time impressed on how they handle incoming shipments now. 

If you checked my past reviews, it showed up after a few days which sometimes can reach a week, this is one of the effects of their recent upgrade. No more worrying where your packages are in the warehouse, I’m happy to report that Shipping Cart drastically improved here.

Improved Customer Service Experience

One of my main comments on my 2016 review is how it’s really REALLY hard to contact Shipping Cart, especially if you have concerns about your packages. Thank goodness they did something about it, well sort of.

During the process of the doing this review, I was curious to know if Shipping Cart ships Minoxidil (it’s a tonic used by people to grow hair, I use it to grow a beard) and since it’s liquid, I asked first on their social media if this is allowed since their website doesn’t go into details about prohibited items. I didn’t get an immediate reply but instead received a link where I can send my inquiry.

The link ( will lead you to a Google form where you can address your concern, note that you will need a Shipping Cart account to proceed with your inquiry as they require your account number in the form. They promise to reply back within 3 business days after submission.

After submitting my inquiry, I honestly expected them to respond way past the 3-day promise but I was wrong because the following day, I already got a response from one of their customer representatives who answered the inquiry I submitted. 

I was seriously amazed what a year can do; Shipping Cart really improved their system and made it more convenient to reach out to them for inquiries regarding their service.

I actually got to try their customer service again recently as I have a second shipment as of this writing. They mistakenly measured the items I ordered from Amazon inside the box and you know how massive Amazon boxes are. I asked it to be measured again and even sent links to what their actual size is. After a couple of days, customer service got back to me and informed me they measured and updated the computed weight in my cart from 4.95 down to 2.5. Now that’s the customer service I was talking about!

Back To My Shipment

After all the items showed up in my cart, I immediately checked how much the shipping fees are for both Air Cargo and Sea Cargo. As mentioned in my past reviews, Air Cargo will reach you within 13 days while 45 days for Sea Cargo, Shipping Cart just updated it and Air Cargo will now reach you within 10 days – more about this after the jump.

Here’s a quick comparison of the prices of my shipment, Air Cargo versus Sea Cargo;

Air Cargo Computation

Sea Cargo Computation

I like to receive mine fast so I opt for Air Cargo like I always do. Make sure to subscribe to Shipping Cart’s newsletter as they normally send out discount promo codes for participating banks and even flash discount code for special events.

I was talking about their updated 10 days delivery promise for Air Cargo, this is because Shipping Cart also did an upgrade on how regular they ship out packages from the US to the Philippines. Their Air Cargo shipments now fly from the US to the Philippines 7 days a week, which means shipments arrive faster!

Shipping Out and Delivery Of Items

I picked Air Cargo and proceed with the normal checkout process, if you’re not familiar with how it works or didn’t read my past reviews, it’s fairly simple. Once you picked the items you’re going to ship out and the way it’ll be shipped, you’ll be directed to a checkout page where you need to pay for your shipment. Shipping Cart has different options for you to pay like Credit Card and Paypal -- please note that Over-the-Counter Payment will soon be delisted as a payment method.

I shipped and paid via Paypal on July 12, 2017 with an estimated delivery date of July 24. I was hoping it will really get delivered on the estimated delivery date but I was wrong, IT ACTUALLY ARRIVED WAY AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!

I tracked the package via LBC’s website, Shipping Cart's partner courier and by July 17, it actually arrived in the Philippines already and scheduled for delivery within 2 days. True enough, July 18 my shipment arrived at home, that’s 6 days after I shipped out!

#ShipYourFinds: What’s in my Shipping Cart Box

Shipping Cart’s campaign this year is #ShipYourFinds where they encourage Shipping Cart users to highlight their shopping hauls featuring various kinds of finds. So I guess it’s just the perfect time for me to show my readers what I bought from the US for this review.

I’m big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but Guardians of the Galaxy stood out for me. What I like about the movie is that it features a human (well actually, half human) like us but fighting intergalactic beings outside of his home planet, I’m talking about Star-Lord. Most of my finds are from the movie and most are acquired through eBay bidding.

First on my shopping haul is the Dorbz Ridez Star-Lord with the Milano. It’s a limited edition, Collector Corps item that I watched on eBay for a few days, I luckily snagged the item under $15. This was followed by the Funko Home Star-Lord collectible mug which is also part of the Marvel Collector Corps, I snagged this under $10 which is a steal!

Next on my haul are a couple of Funko Pop Figures, also both from the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. A Star-Lord Vinyl Figure and an Ego Vinyl Figure. If you’re not familiar with the second movie, Ego is Star-Lord’s father who happens to be a God, but then things get a little downhill from there. I decided to start off my Guardians of the Galaxy collection with this Father & Son duo.

Lastly, for my non-Guardians of the Galaxy haul, I was looking for a new leather mini bag for quite some time. I found some on a Hong Kong based site but I wasn’t sure about the quality, so off the Ebay US I go. Sure enough, I found a better-looking leather bag for only $12 + shipping. I immediately bought it and had it shipped to my Shipping Cart address.

How did Shipping Cart Perform on this Review?

I’m so glad to report that Shipping Cart’s upgrade improved a lot of things from their warehouse, customer service, to delivery. Compared to my past couple reviews, they did a fantastic job of taking notes of the customer reviews and building a better Shipping Cart in return.

Shipping Cart is the service that Pinoys has been longing to have. It's the service that connects Filipinos with the US by giving them the freedom to find and buy items that is not available locally without the worry of figuring out how to ship it to the Philippines or if it will even arrive!

I’ll definitely continue using their service for my online shopping finds in the coming years and I can’t wait on next shopping haul from the US. Have you tried Shipping Cart recently? Share your experience in the comments below!


  1. I was given a July 24 ETA and it is already July 30. I had to chase to get an update. Not exactly the kind of service I was expecting considering the many positive reviews that I am seeing.

    1. Sad to hear that, I heard they had some delays recently which might be the reason of your delayed delivery. Hope you got your package already! I'm about to ship out my next batch early September, excited for my hauls! :D


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