Revisiting LBC Shipping Cart: Is It Still Reliable?

Last 2015, I did a review of LBC Shipping Cart and how they conveniently handled two sets of packages from the US straight to the Philippines – you can read that if you haven’t yet by clicking HERE.

Shipping Cart was fairly new that time and as expected, their service was close to flawless that time. After reading a lot of comments on my post from disappointed customers last 2015 to early 2016, I decided to give their service a try again to see if it’s still the same.

The Packages

I did a little online shopping last September 2016 as a birthday treat to myself. I bought a couple sets of Game of Thrones McFarlane collectibles from ToysRUs, I also bought additional Game of Thrones collectibles, a Tarot Card Deck, and a Pokemon Nendoroid knock-off toy on Ebay US – all of these were ordered and shipped early September. All in all, I have a total of 5 sets of packages all shipped to the Shipping Cart Warehouse in California.

Here are the shipping dates from merchant to delivery to the warehouse, in case you’re curious:

McFarlane Game of Thrones Iron Throne Room Set
Shipped from Merchant: September 3, 2016
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: September 6, 2016

Tarot Card Deck
Shipped from Merchant: September 6, 2016
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: September 8, 2016

McFarlane Game of Thrones House Lannister Banner Set
Shipped for Merchant: September 7, 2016
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: September 9, 2016

McFarlane Game of Thrones House Stark Banner Set
Shipped from Merchant: September 6, 2016
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: September 13, 2016

Pokemon Nendoroid Set
Shipped from Merchant: September 17, 2016
Delivered to Shipping Cart Warehouse: September 22, 2016

The Waiting Game Begins

September 9, 2016 when the first item showed up in my account, it was the McFarlane Game of Thrones Iron Throne Room Set which was delivered to their warehouse September 6. I though it’s going to be a super smooth transaction again that time because the package came in fast.

September 12, 2016 when my Tarot Card Deck showed up in my cart, just 4 days after it was delivered to the warehouse. I said to myself, “So far so good, hopefully the next ones turn out like this as well”.

And so it begins, the Delays

Unlike on my past two experiences last 2015 that I just had to wait for a few days after delivery on their warehouse for the items to show up in my account, the next ones took a little longer than I expected. One of the reasons is their scheduled warehouse upgrade which happened mid-September (what luck, right?) which resulted in tons of backlogs on their warehouse – unfortunately, some of my packages were included in the delayed items.

Once they went back in service, I checked daily to see if my items are already in my account but it’s not. I tried calling LBC’s hotline but either it’s busy, no one’s answering, or agent in charge of Shipping Cart is out, their Facebook page and email support isn’t helping as well.

I waited a few days more and the McFarlane Game of Thrones Lannister Banner Set which was delivered to their warehouse September 9, 2016 showed up in my account September 23, 2016. It took more than 10 days for it to show up in my account.

At this point, I only have two more items waiting to show up in my cart. It’s the end of September and I already gave up on the hopes that I will get my packages before my birthday month ends. October game in and I already sent Shipping Cart a few emails but no response from their end. I also tried calling their hotline again to see where my packages are or if they even actually received it.

I managed to connect with one of the Shipping Cart support team and raised my concern, they informed me that they received it but they are still dealing with delays. When I asked if there’s an estimated date on when I will see my missing items in my account, they just told me they also rely on the same dashboard where I see my account – so basically, they can’t email or contact their warehouse to check on it.

Finally, it showed up!

October 4, 2016 – just a day after I made the call, I checked my account and viola, my item that was delivered to their warehouse last September 13, 2016 finally showed up! It took them more than 20 days to process it.

October 11, 2016  - the last item I was waiting for finally showed up in my cart. It took them, 20 days again to process it and add on my account but I’m so glad it finally showed up. I successfully for the first time, managed to ship to Shipping Cart 5 individual packages and it all arrived safely there without getting lost in their warehouse.

Checking Out for Shipping to the Philippines

When I saw that all my items are now in my account, I did the standard checking of how much do I need to shell out for the shipping of all my items. Check out the computation sheets below:

Shipping it via Sea Cargo is quite cheap, it ended up costing just 800+ pesos but I already waited to long for my birthday shopping haul, so I opt for the Air Cargo which totalled to 2,100 pesos – I know it’s a little pricey, but I’m willing to pay it for these goodies.

Shipping Cart actually sent users affected by the delay with a 15% Off discount code, which I find nice since they know they screwed up a little during that time. So it decreased my shipping fee down to around 1,800 pesos.

Another Waiting Game?

Alright, so I thought I was in the clear with issues with Shipping Cart but it’s been a few days after I shipped out my items and the status in my account is still stuck in ‘Paid: Being Processed for Shipping’ and it stayed like that until October 24, 2016 – that’s already 11 days after I paid.

I gave Shipping Cart a call via LBC’s hotline and I managed to talk to representative but same as before, they told me they depend on the tracking number, which I still do not have at this point since the status of my package is still on ‘Paid’. They just told me the normal spiel of ‘rest assured it’s on its way to you, you’ll receive an email, blah blah blah’.

The day after, I checked my account and it’s now ‘In Transit’ with status update that’s in my city already. Looks like they have issues with their tracking & processing system and it just started tracking my package when it arrived in my city – email with tracking also was emailed on day of delivery.

Soon enough, I heard someone knocking at my door and it’s the LBC Delivery guy holding a big box filled with my birthday goodie all sealed and ready for my to unbox. My items are neatly packed inside the box, it’s almost a perfect fit.

I checked the content and everything seems to be undamaged & complete! The long wait was definitely worth it for these items, especially my Game of Thrones buildable sets that McFarlane already stopped manufacturing.

Will I Use Shipping Cart in the Future?

Definitely YES, it’s the third time I used their service and aside from the hiccups on this latest one, it’s still a great service. BUT, they really need to improve on their customer support service because they really fail in this department – last thing you want customers to feel is being ignored. So here are a few notes for Shipping Cart and how they can improve their service;

- Have someone on support who answers to inquiries on social in a timely manner. It’s already 2017, time to use social media to improve your service to the public. As a social media manager by profession, I recommend you set a person to focus on Social message & inquiries.

- Email support responds slow, which makes users customers frustrated. So improve it and try to answer emails within 24 hours & not totally ignore them.

- Live Chat Support? You do need one. Your mother company, LBC has one on their website, how come you don’t have one?

That’s it for my updated review of LBC Shipping Cart. Have you tried their service recently? Let me know in the comments below your experience!

Disclosure: This review is no way sponsored by LBC or LBC Shipping Cart and is independently done by 

A Buzzin Time at Blogapalooza: Horizons 2.0!

They say it's better the second time around and for me, that's really true for me - especially if it's Blogapalooza. Just a backgrounder, Blogapalooza is the Philippines’ first & largest B2B: Business to Blogger event which aims to connect and match participating businesses with bloggers that fit their needs to properly market their business or brand.

Last November, we headed to the spankin' new Novotel Hotel in Araneta Center for Blogapalooza: Horizons 2.0. As a second timer for the event, I have an idea already on what to expect - click to check out my Blogapalooza: Horizons 1.0 experience.

After doing our check-in at the lobby, we headed to the 6th-floor pool & events area to get the fun started. As always, I headed straight to the tent where the talks are being held. As a blogger, it always amazes me that there are more things that I need to know to improve what I do.

After sitting in for the talks, it's time to check out the booths outside and see who are the brands participating. First booth that caught my attention is the Krispy Kreme booth because I really love their doughnuts.

They have a mini create-your-own doughnut station where Blogapalooza attendees just need to download their mobile app and input the promo code. I dipped mine in chocolate and put tons of sprinkles, just the way I like them.

Next on the booths I visited is MigMe, I was not familiar with what they are about but their staff explained to me that MigMe is an open social-entertainment platform where bloggers like myself can earn by posting on social.

Hungry and thirsty attendees are treated to a refreshing break from San Miguel Food Avenue who served delicious pastries & drinks for everyone.  Just looks at how delicious their booth looks!

Looking for an office space in the Metro Manila Business Districts? You might want to check out MyOffice. They have office spaces in Makati and BGC which can be customized to your preference - I think this is perfect for those starting out or freelancers that need their own office space and address.

Back to F&B booths, we visited the Vitamin Boost where we played a little match the card game, I got lucky and won a pillow. We also visited the Magners Irish Cider booth where I tested my aiming skills, I managed to toss a ring on one of the bottles and won a bottle for myself!

Chemworld Fragrance Factory is also back at Blogapalooza, I first encountered them during Horizons 1.0 earlier this year and glad to see them again during Horizons 2.0. They help those wanting to start their own business through their products - I love their perfumes!

They have this little activity where you spin a win on what game you will play, I ended up playing the only game I suck - pick up sticks. As expected, I failed miserably. haha

Lastly, we visited the Kleiner Klopfer Philippines booth. In case you're not familiar with them, Klopfer originated from Germany and they have delicious shots that are perfect for parties! I gave their Battle Ship style game and won myself a Cream Shot.

Lastly, Blogapalooza revealed their new brand called Buzzin by Blogapalooza - the country's first influencer marketing platform. Buzzin connects businesses to influencers by using a high technology system that enables streamlined matching, objective measurement of key performance indicators, and monetization of content. You can visit to learn more about Buzzin.

Overall, this edition of Blogapalooza was awesome like my first Blogapalooza experience. The talks are insightful and the participating brands really prepared a lot on their respective booths. I'm already looking forward to the next one in 2017!

Fulfill Your Christmas Wishlist With Digital Walker!

It's definitely the most wonderful time of the year but also one of the hardest when it comes to thinking what gifts to give to your loved ones - especially when you're on a tight budget.

If you missed Digital Walker's Christmas Comes Early Sale last October then here's a good news from Digital Walker, the country's largest retailer of premium gadgets and accessories. They're making things easier this season with their Holiday Wish List Promo!

Do your holiday shopping from December 1, 2016 to January 31, 2016 in any Digital Walker branch and when you purchase a minimum of P5,000 you will get 1 set of Digital Walker Christmas Discount Coupons that you can use until March 31, 2017. One coupon applies to one item of choice only.

Customers can expect awesome discounts from a wide selection of brands suitable for both young and old, making the season of giving more enjoyable. If you're curious, discounts range from 10% off from Jaybird, 15% from Motorola Verve Ones Series, 20% discount from Audiofly, Defunc, Urbanears, Braven, Blue Ant, and Morphie, 30% from Tech 21, Speck, and Fusechicken. 

There is also good news for running enthusiasts, as prices of Fitbit accessories have dropped as well. The Fitbit Flex is now Php 3,599 (from its standard retail price of Php 4,599), the Fitbit Charge HR is now Php 5,499 (from Php 6,999) and the Fitbit Blaze is now Php 7,999 (from Php 9,999).

By throwing their Holiday Wish List Promo, Digital Walker has proved once again that they are the go-to gadget store for everyone’s accessory needs!

Visit Digital Walker stores at Glorietta 2, Eastwood, Robinsons Magnolia, SM Aura, Alabang Town Center, Harbour Point Subic, Vmall Greenhills, Trinoma, Robinsons Place Manila, Shangri-La | Rockwell, Greenbelt 5, SM MoA, Robinson Place Pioneer, SM City Cebu, Ayala Center Cebu, UP Town Center, Abreeza Mall, Centrio Mall, Century City Mall, Estancia Mall

Watch Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for a cause!

Pinoy Potterheads, the much awaited Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will hitting the theater really soon and just as excited as I am, you're already planning on where to watch this movie. But what if you can enjoy watching while helping out at the same time?

On November 19, 2016 watch the special block screening of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them at Cinema 3, SM City North EDSA - The Block for the benefit of Danz Maderazo's kidney transplant. Ticket is priced at 500php each and will go a long way in helping our friend for his Kidney Transplant.

I've known Danz since 2007 as we are colleagues at Probe Foundation Inc.'s Kabataan News Network (KNN) - Manila Bureau and I know that this kidney transplant will definitely help him a lot on his journey to recovery.


At 28 years of age, Danz is battling Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease.

Before he was forced to stop working due to his illness, Danz was a producer in GMA-7’s I-Witness, Survivor and Reporter’s Notebook, and in Probe Productions, and Kabataan News Network (KNN).

He was 19 years old when his documentary for the Kabataan News Network entitled “Salibabat” about young people and the practice of self-flagellation during the Lenten season, became a finalist in the New York Film Festival.

In 2013, his documentary about “Kopino” or Korean-Filipino children who have been abandoned by their fathers, was named a finalist in the Plural + Youth Video Awards under the United Nations. Danz has also been part of several media teams producing short documentaries on children's rights and child participation in the Philippines and the ASEAN.

Aside from being a responsible servant of media, Danz is also a thoughtful and loving son, brother and friend, with an adventurous spirit and a zest for life. A scene-stealer in parties, his laugh and antics are one of the loudest and merriest.

Danz and Chronic Kidney Disease

In May 2014, Danz was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease/Failure. It is a condition characterized by gradual loss of kidney function resulting to dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes in the body.

At that time of diagnosis, the doctors estimated that only 25% of Danz’s kidneys were working. Currently, Danz is still looking for a donor for his transplant. His kidney function is now down to 0% and he needs to undergo dialysis treatments three times a week.

It is with tremendous discipline and faith that Danz is able to manage his illness. He completely changed his lifestyle, particularly his diet. He now only eats a plant-based, organic food. He and his family have found ways to enroll Danz in Philhealth dialysis program which allows him to have sessions at lower cost.

However, the challenges are still very present. Most of the food Danz needs are expensive and are not be readily available in the local market. Examples of which are strawberries, blueberries and cherries that are high in antioxidants. Also, by October, Danz's allocation for the subsidized dialysis sessions will be used up.

Since his diagnosis, Danz has stopped working because strenuous activities, stress and long hours, which is the nature of TV production, worsens his condition. This led to the cessation of his income, more expenses and dwindling of his savings. This has been especially difficult for him, because he is the breadwinner of his family.

Danz' father is a retired OFW and is now a volunteer pastor at their local church. They own a small sari-sari store at home.

It is with utmost humility that we ask for your support in these trying times for Danz and his family.

For more information or clarifications, please contact Ros at 0920-938-0963.

To purchase tickets to the special block screening of 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
for the benefit of Danz Maderazo's Kidney Transplant

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