Juice Up with AShop x Belkin Powerbank Giveaway!

Pokémon Go Trainers, it's time for your to juice up your device so you can hunt more for those Pokémon and AShop & Belkin has a treat for you - if you can catch 'em all!

If you've been living under a rock, let me just tell you that Pokémon Go finally hit the Philippines earlier this month and looks like everyone wants to be the very best.

Imagine malls in the metro had thrown some lure parties, some telecommunication companies gave free data just for this and now, we all know that you are still not yet over with this Pokemon Craze that’s why ASHOP is here to give you a chance to win Belkin Rockstar Powerbank 6600MHz all you have to do is CATCH POKEMON IN ASHOP STORES!

Trainers, are you ready to catch 'em all to win that Belkin Powerbank? Check out the mechanics below:

1. Snap a photo of a Pokémon in any AShop stores (Ayala, Glorietta 3 or
Eastwood). Share it on your Facebook and Instagram accounts with
ASHOP'S LOCATION, use #ASHOPGO and them on Facebook & Instagram.

2. Double or triple your chances by visiting 2-3 AShop stores - check out the list of their stores below.

3. Submit as many entries as you wish but note that multiple entries with the
same Pokémon counts as 1 entry.

4. Following Ashop and Belkin on Facebook (AShop | Belkin) and Instagram (AShop | Belkin) is a plus point! Make sure to set your profile to public so they can see your entries.

There will only be one (1) winner per branch. Deadline is til August 30 only while the announcement of winners will be on August 31.

About AShop

AShop is an Apple Premium Reseller currently with 3 branches in the Country. (Ayala Ave, Eastwood & Glorietta). They pride themselves in being Knowledgeable and Dependable for your entire Apple needs and wants.


Ayala Branch
Monday to Friday: 9:00am - 7:00pm

Eastwood Branch
Mall Hours: 10:00am - 10:00pm (Sunday - Thursday)10:00am - 11:00pm (Friday - Saturday)

Glorietta Branch:
Mall Hours 
10:00am - 9:00pm

SM Supermalls Hosts Its First Nationwide Pokémon Lure Party

It's only been a few weeks since it rolled out in the country but the Pokémon Go fever has definitely hit the Philippines hard with almost everyone glued to their mobile devices to catch Pokémon wherever they go. Of course, the country's bigger mall network joined the craze as well!

SM Supermalls made history last August 12 when they hosted the very first Nationwide Pokémon Go Lure Party that simultaneously happened in 50 SM Supermalls all over the country. 

Did you know the concentration of Pokéstops and Gyms can be found in malls? That's why Pokémon Go trainers headed down to their nearest SM Supermalls to join the fun as Lure Modules are set out in Pokéstops throughout the mall. I visited SM City North EDSA to join the fun as I'm also addicted to Pokémon Go.

Despite the heavy rain - solo, couples, family, young & old all gathered at The Block's main atrium to wait for the start of the Lure Party which lasted from 5pm to 9pm. Cosplayers and contests made the event more fun while trainers started to catch Pokémon left and right, that includes me.

As soon as 5pm, Lure Modules started to get activated one by one throughout the mall which marks the start of the 4-Hour non-stop lure party. With 18 Pokéstops and 1 Gyms, trainers at SM City North EDSA definitely took advantage of the Lure Modules to catch rares and to increase their character level.

The Pokémon Go Trainers had a blast during the event which prompted SM Supermalls to extend the Nationwide Pokémon Go Lure Party for an additional two last August 13 & 14. To give you quick look on the event, check out this video below:

Your New Personal Assistant, Hey Kuya!

Ever used Siri, S-Voice, or Cortona on your mobile phone? They're very convenient because you can ask them anything and they'll answer right away. But can they do actual tasks in real-life for you?

The answer is definitely no, but that all changes with Hey Kuya!

Just to give you an idea. Hey Kuya! is a text-based personal assistant concierge service - it's also the first of its kind in the Philippines. Think of it as your own butler who can do stuff for you like buying movie tickets, food, dinner reservations and so much more - as long as it's legal.

Late last year I learned about Hey Kuya!, they are still not open that time but already accepting people in their waiting list. I was able to access them earlier this year when my turn arrived and haven't tried their service until recently when I craved for my favorite Starbucks drink but don't have the time to go out.

I texted Kuya casually asking if they can deliver me a couple of Starbucks drinks straight to my place and they promptly replies in just a few minutes.

I asked a special request with the task I gave Kuya because it's earth day that they, Starbucks was offering these nice reusable cups that costs 100php each. I asked Kuya if they can include that in my order.

A few minutes before 6pm, their rider gave me a call to confirm the number sugars I want while He's at Starbucks. I love that they take notice of small special requests like these. A few minutes more and someone was already knocking at my door, it's my orders!

They actually delivered within the given estimated time they said and also got the limited edition Earth Day cups that I requested. Just one slight error, they got me Grande drinks instead of Venti but that doesn't matter that much to me.

If you're wondering, they currently accept Cash-On-Delivery as mode of payment which is good if you don't have any internet connection to pay online and only have your phone to text with you.

If you want to hop on and give Hey Kuya! a try, go ahead and register now at HeyKuya.com. You just need to input your mobile number and email address to be in the waitlist.

Have you tried Hey Kuya! already?
Let me know your own experience in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored by Hey Kuya! or affiliates and was done independently by AlexBamIn3D.com

ALEXBAMIN3D Goes to Blogapalooza: Horizons!

Last May 21st, I headed down to Elements at Centris for the much awaited Blogapalooza: Horizons. In case you’re not familiar with the event, Blogapalooza is the Philippines’ first & largest B2B: Business to Blogger event which aims to connect and match participating businesses with bloggers that fits their needs for properly market their business or brand.

This event’s theme is Horizons: Charting the Uncharted and just like the theme I’m charting the uncharted this year as this is my first time attending this exciting event.

I actually have no idea on how the event works but I marched to the venue with my camera, a bunch of business cards, and some boost of confidence so I can face the businesses & brands participating in the event. Checking-in at the event venue is a breeze and upon entering the venue, I can already feel the energy of the event.

The event kicked-off with a tradition photo op with all the participating businesses together with the organizers of the event, this was the followed by a talk by Grace of mommygrace.com who discussed about treating blogs as a business. It’s great to know that they have these talks to help bloggers improve their craft for their audience as well as for their future deals with businesses.

After Grace’s talk, I managed to roam around the venue to check out the businesses and brands that participated in this year’s event. First get my attention is Cocio Philippines’ booth which sports this cool looking set-up, bloggers had the chance to play around & design their own flat-lay, they can even join the flat-lay like what this dude did.

Arla Philippines also sported an awesome looking (and very Instagram-friendly) booth where you can enjoy sandwiches made their Arla cheese products and refreshing milkshakes, also made with Arla milk.

Did you know their products are made in Denmark? I personally love their Arla Cheese Spread and cheese slices, it’s included in my monthly grocery list.

I also visited a couple more food-related booths, one of which is Gold Stack Honey Butter Chips booth which has a challenging game for bloggers to win a tube of their yummy chips. Using a balloon and an air pump, you need to knock down 6 tubes of their Honey Butter Chips under 1 minutes. I said ‘Pssh, no problem!’ and managed to knock ‘em all down in just 25 seconds, chicken! (Yabang! Haha)

But seriously though their chips are delicious, no wonder Koreans had trouble getting their hands on these chips a couple of years ago. You can check out my complete review on Gold Stack’s Honey Butter Chips here.

Other booths at the venue are familiar to me such as Hey Kuya! which is a text-based personal assistant service where you can ask him to do literally anything – as long as it’s legal. You will learn more about Hey Kuya! in my upcoming post soon. 

Another familiar one I spotted in the event is Speedy Cards which is a new player in the business cards scene that promises quality business cards delivered straight to your place in just a couple of days, they are actually the ones who made my business cards – will also post a review of their service soon! They had this game where you need to complete the puzzle to win free 100pcs business cards.

On the other end of the venue are more booths, one of which is Victoria Court. I’m so familiar with this hotel and glad to see them participate at Blogapalooza, I managed to win a Victoria Court Card and Gift Cerficate from them by playing their puzzle game. I also received an invite for their Space Wars room launch but unfortunately didn’t RSVP because it landed on a weeknight where I have work. :(

Other brands who participated at the event are Empire East, Vita Coco, Skin Station, TAG77, Rappler, World Vision, Happy Fresh, Regroe, Chemworld: Fragrance Factory, Hotteok King, and Blue Water Day Spa who invited two of their endorsers to the event – Christian Bautista and Wyn Marquez.

Another set of talks was done during the event, Lloyd Cadena known for his viral memes and videos shared techniques on how to go viral on social. It’s really an interesting talk and eye-opener for those who wants to go viral – sometimes there’s no science to it, it just happens.

Following Lloyd’s talk was a panel discussion with experts & celebrity influencers who shared their thoughts about bloggers and how to market themselves to the public & businesses. It was really an insightful panel discussion, my favorite one during the event.

Overall, my first Blogapalooza was fun and educational, I also managed to discover new brands that I can try and feature here on my blog. I’m definitely looking forward to attending the next one, I heard it's happening later this year.

If you’re a blogger and wants to join future Blogapalooza’s, I recommend you visit Blogapalooza.ph and follow them on social to be updated on when the next event is happening. Hope to see you there soon!

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